Ratatouille, Remy

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Film Ratatouille
Author Brad Bird
Role Remy 
Actor Patton  Oswalt

Ah! Gustaeu was right. Oh mmm yea. Amazing. Each flavor was totally unique. But combine one flavor with another and something new was created. …

The key is to keep turning it to get the smoky flavor niiice You gotta taste this! This is… oh, it’s got this kind of… mmm, it’s burny, it’s melty… it’s not really a smoky taste. It’s kind of like a certain… Pshah! It’s got like this ” Ba-boom! Zap!” kind of taste. Dont you think? What would you call that flavor? … Yeah! It’s lightningy! We gotta do that again! Okay, when the next storm comes, we’ll go up on the roof… I know what this needs! Saffron. A little saffron would make this!

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