As Good As It Gets, Simon Bishop

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Film As Good As It Gets
Author Mark Andrus
Role Simon Bishop
Actor Greg Kinnear

Go Away.

Please just LEAVE.

GET OUTTA HERE! There isn’t anything worse than having to feel this way in front of you. Rott in hell, Melvin. Is this fun for you? Hm? You lucky devil. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? I’m losing my apartment Melvin, and Frank? He wants me to beg my parents – who haven’t called me – for help… and I won’t. And I don’t want the pain anymore.

So the life that I was trying for is over. The life that I had is gone and I’m feeling so damn sorry for myself that it’s difficult to breathe. It’s high times for you, isn’t it Melvin? The gay neighbour is terrified. Terrified. Lucky you. You’re here for rock bottom. You absolute horror of a human being.

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