Dramatic Female Monologues

BUtterfield 8, Gloria Wandrous

Film BUtterfield 8
Author John Michael Hayes
Role Gloria  Wandrous
Actor Elizabeth Taylor


Author Rick Tran

Excerpt from a Failing

Author Rick Tran

Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O'Hara

Film Gone with the Wind
Author Sidney Howard
Role Scarlett O'Hara
Actor Vivien Leigh

The Sweet Hereafter, Nicole Burnell

Film The Sweet Hereafter
Author Atom Egoyan
Role Nicole Burnell
Actor Sarah Polley

Up in the Air, Alex Goran

Film Up in the Air
Author Jason Reitman
Role Alex  Goran
Actor Vera  Farmiga

Up in the Air, Natalie Keener

Film Up in the Air
Author Jason  Reitman
Role Natalie  Keener
Actor Anna  Kendrick

The Blind Side, Leigh Anne Tuohy

Film The Blind Side
Author John Lee  Hancock
Role Leigh Anne  Tuohy
Actor Sandra Bullock

The Queen, HM The Queen

Film The Queen
Author Peter Morgan
Role HM The Queen 
Actor Helen Mirren

East of Eden, Abra

Film East of Eden
Author John  Steinbeck
Role Abra 
Actor Julie  Harris

The Matrix, Trinity

Film The Matrix
Author Andy and Larry  Wachowski
Role Trinity 
Actor Carrie-Anne  Moss