Dramatic Female Monologues

Alien, Ripley

Film Alien
Author Dan O'Bannon
Role  Ripley
Actor Sigourney Weaver

Presumed Innocent, Barbara Sabich

Film Presumed Innocent
Author Alan J. Pakula
Role Barbara Sabich
Actor Bonnie Bedelia

The Little Mermaid, Ursula

Film The Little Mermaid
Author Ron Clements
Role Ursula 
Actor Pat Carroll

The Social Network, Erica Albright

Film The Social Network
Author Aaron Sorkin
Role Erica Albright
Actor Rooney Mara

Network, Louise Schumacher

Film Network
Author Paddy Chayefsky
Role Louise Schumacher
Actor Beatrice Straight

The Curse of the Cat People, Mrs. Julia Farren

Film The Curse of the Cat People
Author DeWitt Bodeen
Role Mrs. Julia Farren
Actor Julia Dean

The Last Picture Show, Ruth Popper

Film The Last Picture Show
Author Larry McMurtry
Role Ruth Popper
Actor Cloris Leachman

Carnal Knowledge, Louise

Film Carnal Knowledge
Author Jules Feiffer
Role Louise 
Actor Rita Moreno

Gypsy, Louise Hovick

Film Gypsy
Author Leonard Spigelgass
Role Louise Hovick
Actor Natalie Wood

Minority Report, Agatha

Film Minority Report
Author Scott Frank
Role Agatha 
Actor Samantha Morton

Million Dollar Baby, Maggie Fitzgerald

Film Million Dollar Baby
Author Paul Haggis
Role Maggie Fitzgerald
Actor Hilary Swank

Dracula, Mina

Film Dracula
Author Garrett Fort
Role Mina 
Actor Helen Chandler

Raise the Red Lantern, Songlian

Film Raise the Red Lantern
Author Zhang Yimou
Role Songlian 
Actor Gong Li

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Elizabeth Swann

Film Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Author Ted Elliott
Role Elizabeth Swann
Actor Keira Knightley

Mulan, Fa Mulan

Film Mulan
Author Robert D. San Souci
Role Fa Mulan
Actor Ming-Na