Kids 7-12


Chia, Everyone Ever

Film Chia
Play Cuzz
Author Charles  Burton
Role Everyone Ever
Actor Tyler Durton
Acting Headshot

Amber, Amber Duquesnay

Film Amber
Author Amber  Duquesnay
Role Amber Duquesnay
Actor Amber Duquesnay

Frozen, Elsa

Film Frozen
Author Jennifer Lee
Role Elsa 
Actor Idina Menzel

I, Claudia, Claudia

Film I, Claudia
Play I, Claudia
Author Kristen Thomson
Role Claudia 

Hey Baby, Hey Baby

Film Hey Baby
Play Hey Baby
Author Hey Baby
Role Hey Baby
Actor Hey Baby

Sucker Punch, Sweet Pea

Film Sucker Punch
Author Screenplay by Zack Snyder Steve Shibuya Story by Zack Snyder 
Role Sweet Pea 
Actor Abbie Cornish

Let me Read

Author Mary Brotherton
empty stage

My first audition

Author Mary Brotherton
Bob Peterson Dug Up

Up, Dug

Film Up
Author Bob Peterson
Role Dug 
Actor Bob Peterson
Jim Henson Kermit the Frog The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie, Kermit the Frog

Film The Muppet Movie
Author Jack Burns
Role Kermit the Frog 
Actor Jim Henson
Linda Manz Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven, Linda

Film Days of Heaven
Author Terrence  Malick
Role Linda 
Actor Linda Manz
Jeff Cohen Chunk The Goonies

The Goonies, Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen

Film The Goonies
Author Chris Columbus
Role Lawrence "Chunk" Cohen
Actor Jeff Cohen