Adults 60 +

A Few Good Men, Nathan Jessup

Film A Few Good Men
Play A Few Good Men
Author Aaron Sorkin
Role Nathan Jessup
Actor Jack  Nicholson

ali, muhammad ali

Film ali
Author lean shap
Role muhammad ali
Actor will smith

Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent

Film Sleeping Beauty
Author Joe Rinaldi
Role Maleficent 
Actor Eleanor Audley

Legends of the Fall, One Stab

Film Legends of the Fall
Author William D. Wittliff
Role One Stab 
Actor Gordon Tootoosis

Lost Horizon, High Lama

Film Lost Horizon
Author Robert Riskin
Role High Lama 
Actor Sam Jaffe

Meet Joe Black, William Parrish

Film Meet Joe Black
Author Bo Goldman
Role William Parrish
Actor Anthony Hopkins

On Golden Pond, Ethel Thayer

Film On Golden Pond
Author Ernest Thompson
Role Ethel Thayer
Actor Katharine Hepburn

Moby Dick, Father Mapple

Film Moby Dick
Author Ray Bradbury
Role Father Mapple
Actor Orson Welles

Spider-Man 2, May Parker

Film Spider-Man 2
Author Alvin Sargent
Role May Parker
Actor Rosemary Harris

Thor, Odin

Film Thor
Author Ashley Miller
Role Odin 
Actor Anthony Hopkins