Adults 50-59

The Curse of the Cat People, Mrs. Julia Farren

Film The Curse of the Cat People
Author DeWitt Bodeen
Role Mrs. Julia Farren
Actor Julia Dean

The Life of Emile Zola, Emile Zola

Film The Life of Emile Zola
Author Norman Reilly Raine
Role Emile Zola
Actor Paul Muni

San Francisco, Mrs. Burley

Film San Francisco
Author Robert E. Hopkins
Role Mrs. Burley
Actor Jessie Ralph

No Country For Old Men, Ed Tom Bell

Film No Country For Old Men
Author Joel and Ethan Coen
Role Ed Tom Bell
Actor Tommy Lee Jones

Lean on Me, Joe Louis Clark

Film Lean on Me
Author Michael Schiffer
Role Joe Louis Clark
Actor Morgan Freeman

Good Night, and Good Luck, Edward R. Murrow

Film Good Night, and Good Luck
Author George Clooney
Role Edward R. Murrow
Actor David Strathairn

Thor, Odin

Film Thor
Author Ashley Miller
Role Odin 
Actor Anthony Hopkins