Adults 40-49

Manhattan, Isaac Davis

Film Manhattan
Author Woody Allen
Role Isaac Davis
Actor Woody Allen

Still Champ

Author Benjamin Welch

All About Eve, Addison DeWitt

Film All About Eve
Author Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Role Addison DeWitt
Actor George Sanders

Abe Lincoln in Illinois, Abraham Lincoln

Film Abe Lincoln in Illinois
Author Robert E, Sherwood
Role Abraham Lincoln
Actor Raymond Massey

All the King's Men, Willie Stark

Film All the King's Men
Author Robert Rossen
Role Willie Stark
Actor Broderick Crawford

The Two Jakes, Jake Gittes

Film The Two Jakes
Author Robert Towne
Role Jake Gittes
Actor Jack Nicholson

Love Streams, Sarah Lawson

Film Love Streams
Author John Cassavetes
Role Sarah Lawson
Actor Gena Rowlands

A Bronx Tale, Sonny

Film A Bronx Tale
Author Chazz Palminteri
Role Sonny 
Actor Chazz Palminteri