30 Second Monologues

Big Trouble in Little China, Jack Burton

Film Big Trouble in Little China
Author Gary Goldman
Role Jack Burton
Actor Kurt Russell

Dances with Wolves, Lt. John J. Dunbar

Film Dances with Wolves
Author Michael Blake
Role Lt. John J. Dunbar
Actor Kevin Costner

Alien, Ripley

Film Alien
Author Dan O'Bannon
Role  Ripley
Actor Sigourney Weaver

Edward Scissorhands, Kim Boggs

Film Edward Scissorhands
Author Caroline Thompson
Role Kim Boggs
Actor Winona Ryder

Dick Tracy, Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice

Film Dick Tracy
Author Jim Cash
Role Alphonse  Caprice
Actor Al Pacino

Up, Dug

Film Up
Author Bob Peterson
Role Dug 
Actor Bob Peterson

A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Linus Van Pelt

Film A Boy Named Charlie Brown
Author Charles M. Schulz
Role Linus Van Pelt
Actor Glenn Gilger

Kids, Telly

Film Kids
Author Larry Clark
Role Telly 
Actor Leo Fitzpatrick

Pulp Fiction, Jules Winnfield

Film Pulp Fiction
Author Quentin Tarantino
Role Jules Winnfield
Actor Samuel L. Jackson