2 Minute Monologues

Footloose, Ren McCormack

Film Footloose
Author Dean Pitchford
Role Ren McCormack
Actor Kevin Bacon

The Two Jakes, Jake Gittes

Film The Two Jakes
Author Robert Towne
Role Jake Gittes
Actor Jack Nicholson

The Social Network, Sean Parker

Film The Social Network
Author Aaron Sorkin
Role Sean Parker
Actor Justin Timberlake

Elmer Gantry, Elmer Gantry

Film Elmer Gantry
Author Richard Brooks
Role Elmer Gantry
Actor Burt Lancaster

The Jerk, Navin R. Johnson

Film The Jerk
Author Steve Martin
Role Navin R. Johnson
Actor Steve Martin

Ali, Muhammad Ali

Film Ali
Author Michael Mann
Role Muhammad Ali
Actor Will Smith

Carnal Knowledge, Louise

Film Carnal Knowledge
Author Jules Feiffer
Role Louise 
Actor Rita Moreno

Full Metal Jacket, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman

Film Full Metal Jacket
Author Stanley Kubrick
Role Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
Actor R. Lee Ermey

The Lion King, Soundtrack

Film The Lion King
Author Solomon Linda
Role Soundtrack 
Actor The Tokens 

The Matrix Reloaded, Morpheus

Film The Matrix Reloaded
Author Andy and Larry Wachowski
Role Morpheus 
Actor Laurence Fishburne

We Are Marshall, Jack Lengyel

Film We Are Marshall
Author Jamie Linden
Role Jack Lengyel
Actor Matthew McConaughey

V for Vendetta, V

Film V for Vendetta
Author Andy and Larry Wachowski
Actor Hugo Weaving

Milk, Harvey Milk

Film Milk
Author Dustin Lance Black
Role Harvey Milk
Actor Sean Penn