Consider the Ficus, Garrison

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Play Consider the Ficus
Author Cefaly Audrey
Role Garrison 

You want an easy answer? There isn’t one. It’s ALL fucked. ALL of it. You’re trying to make this about you, but you’re not hearing me!!! One day I’m saving the rain forest, next day I’m serving “late lunch” cocktails to whiny little D.O.S. hacks with half my experience. Apple-fucking-tinis? Nate? Is that what you want for me? Choice? There was no choice –Ten years of my life went down with that firm. Everything I was fighting for. And now… I get up every day and want to blow my goddamn brains out, like anything I am makes a fucking bit of difference. You think I want to go to Cleveland?! Fuck Cleveland. It’s all the same, here, there, nothing matters anymore, don’t you get that, we’re disposable! A decent job, Nate… a good one… don’t you remember when it meant something? It was earned. It was that epic DNA shit, our fathers and grandfathers and everything they worked for, like their fucking souls, their fucking lives depended on it. All gone. The world we live in now… it’s fucking Vegas. All flash – all in – and then you lose, you fucking lose, and then you ride your bike home in the pouring down rain with a pink slip stuck to your chest. Appletinis? If I’m going to die for a job, Nate, I want it to matter. I’m so tired…


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