Chia, Everyone Ever

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Film Chia
Play Cuzz
Author Charles  Burton
Role Everyone Ever
Actor Tyler Durton

(offstage) I am an apple, ready to be eaten- but what’s one less apple on earth anyway? I am a dog, ready to be walked. (bark then enter stage smiling and bark seven times). I am a free dog, but I don’t need no owner, I walk myself, I throw my own balls and I eat my own apples. (Collapses to the ground lay on the floor for 3 minutes then stand up and scream in slow motion and crawl off stage) (from off stage) make apples illegal , no legalize apples , down with the red fruit. (walk on stage ) you don’t know me I’m Shnaiqua (in a soft voice) I own 7 apple trees (scream) THUG LIFE. SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN. I am perfection, god blesses me not you, fucktard.

For full script or information about this play please email Charles Burton at: We at Labouk welcome questions and would love to hear from you. (exit stage)

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