Shake Weight for Men, Shake Weight

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Film Shake Weight for Men
Role Shake Weight 

This is not a workout. This is a revolution. This is shake weight for men. and its going to KICK. YOUR. BUTT. Phew! thats it. In just six minutes guaranteed. Uuuggh.

Ordinary weights isolate one muscle in one direction. But shake weight harnesses the power of dynamic inertia to totally redefine strength training. As you shake, the weights at each end fire and recoil rapidly. This piston like motion sends a shockwave of energy that forces your muscles to contract as many as 240 times a minute. So you build definition, size and strength in less time. And now this technological breakthrough and strength training can be yours for just $29.95. Shake weight is science fact, not fiction. A leading biomechanics research center proved that 6 minutes with the shake weight burns as much muscle energy as 42 with a standard dumbbell. You get ripped, defined, and stronger faster, guaranteed.

Call and order now and we’ll also send you this 6 minute upper body workout DVD. Its everything you need to add size, definition, and strengthen your chest, triceps, biceps and shoulders.

Technology is all about packing mega performance in less spae right? Shake weight proves it, thats why it comes with this iron clad kick butt guarantee. Do the shake weight workout just once, if your arms, chest, and shoulders aren’t on fire in just 6 minutes return it for a 100% refund. We’ll even pay return shipping.

Phew! thats it.

3 exercises, 6 minutes, and the faster you shake the more intense and challenging your workout. Think you can handle it? Then call now and build muscle and definition in just 6 minutes a day with shake weight for men.


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