What’s next

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Author Mary Brotherton

So…now, what? Let’s see. Where’s my renewal notice for the newspaper? I know I should start filing. But, I’m afraid if I file stuff, I won’t be able to find it again. What if I can’t remember where I put it? Oh, well. That’s not so important now. It’s not due until … Hmm.

What now? Umm, I guess I should start thinking about something for dinner tonight. It’s almost 6:00 and the kids’ll be coming home soon. They’ll be hungry, too. They always are. What can I cook fast? (gasp) Was that a car door? Maybe they’re early.

No, I guess not. So, What’s next? Laundry. I should probably put on a load of laundry so I can — Where’s my cellphone?

Oh, good. It stopped ringing. Now, what? (sigh) Darn! I forgot to start the dishwasher this morning. Oh, is there any…? (walk to fridge for grocery list and write down dish detergent. Leave dishwasher open)

Now, what? I wonder if there’s anything good on TV tonight.

Let’s see… There’s my cell again. I wonder where it is.
Oh, yeah the dishwasher!

So? What’s– Oh my! You guys are home already! Want to go out for dinner? Just let me find my cell phone and we’ll go out.

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