Quotes and One Liners

Short Circuit, Number "Johnny" 5

Film Short Circuit
Author Brent Maddock
Role Number "Johnny" 5 
Actor Tim Blaney

Oldboy, Oh Dae-su

Film Oldboy
Author Park Chan-wook
Role Oh Dae-su
Actor Choi Min-sik

Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Brown

Film Reservoir Dogs
Author Quentin Tarantino
Role Mr. Brown 
Actor Quentin Tarantino

Lost Horizon, Sondra Bizet

Film Lost Horizon
Author Robert Riskin
Role Sondra Bizet
Actor Jane Wyatt

The Book of Eli, Eli

Film The Book of Eli
Author Gary Whitta
Role Eli 
Actor Denzel Washington

Fight Club, Tyler Durden

Film Fight Club
Author Jim Uhls
Role Tyler Durden
Actor Brad Pitt

The Golden Child, Chandler Jarrell

Film The Golden Child
Author Dennis Feldman
Role Chandler Jarrell
Actor Eddie Murphy

Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd Christmas

Film Dumb and Dumber
Author Peter and Bobby Farrelly
Role Lloyd Christmas
Actor Jim Carrey

Big Trouble in Little China, Jack Burton

Film Big Trouble in Little China
Author Gary Goldman
Role Jack Burton
Actor Kurt Russell

Honeymoon in Vegas, Jack Singer

Film Honeymoon in Vegas
Author Andrew Bergman
Role Jack Singer
Actor Nicolas Cage

Akira, Tetsuo Shima

Film Akira
Author Katsuhiro Otomo
Role Tetsuo Shima
Actor Nozomu Sasaki

Kung Fu Panda, Po

Film Kung Fu Panda
Author Jonathan Aibel
Role Po 
Actor Jack Black