Monologues for Kids

Let me Read

Author Mary Brotherton

My first audition

Author Mary Brotherton

Cereal Thief, mckenzi edwards

Play Cereal Thief
Author Mckenzi edwards 
Role mckenzi edwards

Kung Fu Panda, Po

Film Kung Fu Panda
Author Jonathan Aibel
Role Po 
Actor Jack Black

Shrek Forever After, Shrek

Film Shrek Forever After
Author Josh Klausner
Role Shrek 
Actor Mike Myers

The Breakfast Club, Brian Johnson

Film The Breakfast Club
Author John Hughes
Role Brian Johnson
Actor Anthony Michael Hall

The Breakfast Club, John Bender

Film The Breakfast Club
Author John Hughes
Role John Bender
Actor Judd Nelson

Up, Dug

Film Up
Author Bob Peterson
Role Dug 
Actor Bob Peterson

Mulan, Fa Mulan

Film Mulan
Author Robert D. San Souci
Role Fa Mulan
Actor Ming-Na 

Avatar, Corporal Jake Sully

Film Avatar
Author James Cameron
Role Corporal Jake Sully
Actor Sam Worthington

Twilight, Bella Swan

Film Twilight
Author Melissa Rosenberg
Role Bella Swan
Actor Kristen Stewart

West Side Story, Ice

Film West Side Story
Author Stephen Sondheim
Role Ice 
Actor Tucker Smith

The Social Network, Eduardo Saverin

Film The Social Network
Author Aaron Sorkin
Role Eduardo Saverin
Actor Andrew Garfield


Author Rick Tran