Comedic Male Monologues

Love and Death, Boris Grushenko

Film Love and Death
Author Woody Allen
Role Boris Grushenko
Actor Woody Allen

M*A*S*H, Capt. Trapper John McIntyre

Film M*A*S*H
Author Ring Lardner Jr.
Role Capt. Trapper John McIntyre
Actor Elliott Gould

Plan 9 From Outer Space, Criswell

Film Plan 9 From Outer Space
Author Ed Wood
Role Criswell 
Actor Criswell 

Zoolander, Derek Zoolander

Film Zoolander
Author Ben Stiller
Role Derek Zoolander
Actor Ben Stiller

The Jerk, Navin R. Johnson

Film The Jerk
Author Steve Martin
Role Navin R. Johnson
Actor Steve Martin

Kids, Telly

Film Kids
Author Larry Clark
Role Telly 
Actor Leo Fitzpatrick

Boogie Nights, Reed Rothchild

Film Boogie Nights
Author Paul Thomas Anderson
Role Reed Rothchild
Actor John C. Reilly

The Hospital, Dr. Herbert "Herb" Bock

Film The Hospital
Author Paddy Chayefsky
Role Dr. Herbert  Bock
Actor George C. Scott

Bananas, Fielding Mellish

Film Bananas
Author Woody Allen
Role Fielding Mellish
Actor Woody Allen