Comedic Female Monologues

Some Like It Hot, Sugar Kane Kowalczyk

Film Some Like It Hot
Author Billy Wilder
Role Sugar Kane Kowalczyk
Actor Marilyn  Monroe

The Apartment, Fran Kubelik

Film The Apartment
Author Billy  Wilder
Role Fran  Kubelik
Actor Shirley  MacLaine

Heathers, Veronica Sawyer

Film Heathers
Author Daniel Waters
Role Veronica Sawyer
Actor Winona Ryder

Because I Said So, Milly Wilder

Film Because I Said So
Author Karen Leigh  Hopkins
Role Milly Wilder
Actor Mandy Moore

101 Dalmatians, Cruella de Vil

Film 101 Dalmatians
Author John Hughes
Role Cruella  de Vil
Actor Glenn Close

Chasing Amy, Alyssa Jones

Film Chasing Amy
Author Kevin Smith
Role Alyssa  Jones
Actor Joey Lauren  Adams

Grease, Betty Rizzo

Film Grease
Play Grease
Author Bronte Woodard
Role Betty  Rizzo
Actor Stockard Channing