Comedic Female Monologues

Pulp Fiction, Mia Wallace

Film Pulp Fiction
Author Quentin Tarantino
Role Mia Wallace
Actor Uma Thurman

Alice in Wonderland, Alice

Film Alice in Wonderland
Author Lewis Carroll
Role Alice 
Actor Kathryn  Beaumont

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers

Film Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Author Joss Whedon
Role Buffy Summers
Actor Kristy Swanson

Beautiful Girls, Gina Barrisano

Film Beautiful Girls
Author Scott  Rosenberg
Role Gina  Barrisano
Actor Rosie  O'Donnell

Addams Family Values, Wednesday Addams

Film Addams Family Values
Author Paul  Rudnick
Role Wednesday  Addams
Actor Christina Ricci

Chasing Amy, Alyssa Jones

Film Chasing Amy
Author Kevin Smith
Role Alyssa  Jones
Actor Joey Lauren  Adams

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Louise "Babe" Bennett

Film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town
Author Robert Riskin
Role Louise "Babe" Bennett
Actor Jean Arthur

Grease, Betty Rizzo

Film Grease
Play Grease
Author Bronte Woodard
Role Betty  Rizzo
Actor Stockard Channing