Comedic Female Monologues

Some Like It Hot, Sugar Kane Kowalczyk

Film Some Like It Hot
Author Billy Wilder
Role Sugar Kane Kowalczyk
Actor Marilyn  Monroe

My Cousin Vinny, Mona Lisa Vito

Film My Cousin Vinny
Author Dale  Launer
Role Mona Lisa  Vito
Actor Marisa Tomei

Can't Hardly Wait, Denise Fleming

Film Can't Hardly Wait
Author Deborah  Kaplan
Role Denise  Fleming
Actor Lauren  Ambrose

The Big Chill, Meg Jones

Film The Big Chill
Author Lawrence  Kasdan
Role Meg  Jones
Actor Mary Kay Place

Glee, Sue Sylvester

Film Glee
Author Ryan Murphy
Role Sue Sylvester
Actor Jane Lynch

Boys on the Side, Robin Nickerson

Film Boys on the Side
Author Don Roos
Role Robin  Nickerson
Actor Mary-Louise  Parker

The Opposite of Sex, Dede Truitt

Film The Opposite of Sex
Author Don Roos
Role Dede  Truitt
Actor Christina  Ricci

Misery, Annie Wilkes

Film Misery
Author William Goldman
Role Annie  Wilkes
Actor Kathy Bates

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers

Film Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Author Joss Whedon
Role Buffy Summers
Actor Kristy Swanson

Serendipity, Sara Thomas

Film Serendipity
Author Marc Klein
Role Sara Thomas
Actor Kate Beckinsale

Beautiful Girls, Gina Barrisano

Film Beautiful Girls
Author Scott  Rosenberg
Role Gina  Barrisano
Actor Rosie  O'Donnell

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Titania

Film A Midsummer Night's Dream
Play A Midsummer Night's Dream
Author William Shakespeare
Role Titania 
Actor Michelle  Pfeiffer

Sabrina, Sabrina Fairchild

Film Sabrina
Author Billy Wilder
Role Sabrina Fairchild
Actor Audrey Hepburn

Grease, Betty Rizzo

Film Grease
Play Grease
Author Bronte Woodard
Role Betty  Rizzo
Actor Stockard Channing